06/29/2024 Firecracker Classic, June 29-30th, 2024

June 29-30th, 2024

Text Kelsey Jones @ 405-521-7067 if you have a question the information below doesn't cover.


Awards: will be given for 1st & 2nd place only when 6 teams or more are signed up for an age group. When 5 or less teams are signed up for an age group only 1st place awards are given.

Ages & Sanctions: Baseball is unsanctioned and goes off of Jan 1 2024 for age determination.

Waitlist: our tournaments are first paid first entered. If you would like to let us know you are interested in coming, or put a place holder in for the tournament but not pay yet, you may join the "Wait List". Joining the wait list also creates an account for you. You can log back into your account at any time to convert your waitlisted entry into a paid entry for that tournament - as long as there are spots remaining.

Rosters: once you pay for the tournament you will be given the opportunity to enter your roster electronically. Rosters are required to be entered electronically in our online tournament system via "your account". You are able to enter your roster after you pay, or you can log back in at a different time to do so. You can edit your roster until 8am the day the tournament starts. The rules permit you editing your roster up until the start of your first game. Rosters will lock at 8am on the first day of the tournament.If you have a last minute roster change that happens after the electronic rosters are locked, but before your first game, you may email Kelsey@MustangYouthSports.com so we can make the change for you.

Schedules: Tournament schedules will be posted here when they are ready. This typically happens by the Wednesday night (6pm) that proceeds the tournament start date. This could be delayed if a team drops out last minute and schedules have to be reworked.

Outside Food & Drink: You are allowed to bring in your own coolers. There is no additional charge to do so.

Rules: Our current tournament rules can be found here

Refunds: No refunds 2 weeks prior to the start date

Rain Out Policy: No games played 100% refund. Start of 1 game 50% refund. Start of 2nd game no refund.

Order by date: 06/30/2024

Age Qty Price  
5U - 6U combined 0 $ 50.00
7U - 8U combined coach pitch 7 $ 100.00
9U-10U combined 4 $ 125.00
11U - 12U combined 0 $ 150.00
Prep 13/14U 5 $ 200.00
Age Groups Team Name
(Prep 13/14U) 405 Outlaws
(Prep 13/14U) Misfits
(Prep 13/14U) VLO Baseball 2029
(5U - 6U combined) 5U Grit
(5U - 6U combined) Bethany Bronchos 6U
(5U - 6U combined) Dawgs2k18
(5U - 6U combined) Mustang Mambas
(5U - 6U combined) OK Party Animals
(5U - 6U combined) Oklahoma Athletics
(5U - 6U combined) Oklahoma Braves 6U
(5U - 6U combined) Tuttle Cubs
(9U-10U combined) 5 Tool Pirates '13 - 10U
(9U-10U combined) BBA Braves
(9U-10U combined) Oklahoma Blue Jays
(9U-10U combined) Sharon-Mutual Trojans
(11U - 12U combined) 580 Baseball
(11U - 12U combined) BP Elite
(11U - 12U combined) Hexcam Vipers
(11U - 12U combined) Hitmen
(11U - 12U combined) Mustang Astros
(11U - 12U combined) Oklahoma United
(11U - 12U combined) Twins
(11U - 12U combined) VLO Baseball 2028
(7U - 8U combined coach pitch) MAYHEM
Age Groups Team Name
5U - 6U combined Dawgs2k18
5U - 6U combined OK Braves
9U-10U combined Mustang Tigers
11U - 12U combined Moore Seminoles
7U - 8U combined coach pitch MAYHEM